Season 8

Below are all of the episodes available from Season 8

The Foundation

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George would like to forget about the death of his fiance, but Susan’s parents want to keep her memory alive by creating a foundation. Jerry reunites with Dolores from “The Junior Mint.” J. Peterman has a nervous breakdown and runs off to Burma leaving Elaine to run things.  In charge, she decides to put an urban sombreror on the cover.  Kramer becomes a martial arts expert at a karate academy for kids only to be beaten up by the kids in his class.  George finds out he would have inherited much of Susan’s riches had they been married, but now he is stuck at the foundation as they are auctioned off. Susan’s portrait hangs at the foundation and appers to be sneering at George.

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The English Patient

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Elaine and her boyfriend see The English Patient; she absolutely hates it, and her boyfriend breaks up with her as a result. Morty finds the “#1 Dad” T-shirt and is very flattered by the “gesture” (going as far as saying that it is the nicest thing Jerry has ever done for him, much to Jerry’s dismay, since he has bought him a Cadillac twice) and proudly wears his new shirt despite its small size. At his parents’ exercise room, Jerry meets Izzy Mandelbaum, an 80-year-old man who cannot stand to lose. Izzy promptly challenges Jerry to a weightlifting competition (”It’s go time!”), but throws his back out again and again.

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The Money

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Jerry’s parents sell the Cadillac to Jack Klompus for $6,000 in order to give Jerry some money to help him out. They, along with Kramer, suggest that Jerry might try a career move. Elaine talks about her J. Peterman stock options and buys George’s coffee. He thinks she is sticking it to him. Jerry and George talk about the money their parents might have. This piques George’s interest. Kramer seeks advice from Elaine about his girlfriend’s post-sex bed habits. Jerry flies to Florida to buy the Cadillac back. George seeks information on his family’s health history. Kramer works out a deal with his girlfriend. Jerry meets with Klompus and agrees to pay $14,000 for it. George anticipating a big inheritance begins to spend money. Unfortunately for him, so do his parents.

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The Yada Yada

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George’s girlfriend is big on using the phrase “yada yada yada.” Jerry says that at least she is succinct and that it is like “dating USA Today.” Jerry’s dentist, Dr. Tim Whatley, has converted to Judaism and is already making jokes that make Jerry uncomfortable. Jerry goes so far as to say that he only became Jewish to do so. Kramer and Mickey Abbott double date but cannot decide which woman is right for which one of them. Elaine is a character reference for a couple who are trying to adopt, but the story she tells during an interview destroys all hope of adoption.

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The Summer of George

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George discovers he has a severance package from the New York Yankees that should last him about 3 months. He decides that he is going to take the summer off, which he declares the “Summer of George.” Jerry and Kramer are going to the Tony Awards. Jerry has a real seat; Kramer is a seat-filler. Elaine critiques a co-worker who walks with no arm movements and is accused of being “catty.” Jerry picks up his date to the Tonys, a waitress named Lanette, only to find out that she has a man (or rather, a “dude”) living with her. While filling a seat for a nominee who has stepped away, Kramer is accidentally whisked to the stage by excited Tony winners moving through his row. As a result, he receives a Tony Award for a musical in which Raquel Welch is the star. Elaine tries to work things out with her co-worker, to no avail.

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The Millennium

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After being recruited by the New York Mets to be their head scout, George is told that they can only hire him if he gets fired from the New York Yankees. Elaine tries to run an ethnic-themed clothing store, Putumayo, out of business after receiving bad customer service.  Meanwhile, Jerry gets caught in a war over speed dial rankings between his girlfriend, Valerie, and her stepmother.  Kramer and Newman learn that they are each planning rival millennium parties, both on December 31, 1999.

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The Nap

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George is tired and needs to take a nap while at work; he finds the perfect place, under his desk. Kramer has taken up swimming, but he finds the pool too constricting for his needs; he begins swimming in the East River. Elaine’s date is worried about his back and hers; he sends her a mattress and she gets the wrong idea. She gives the mattress to Kramer. Jerry is getting new kitchen cabinets, but the contractor is constantly asking him questions. George gets Jerry’s contractor to make some modifications for his desk, including space for an alarm clock.

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The Little Jerry

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After Jerry passes a bad check at Marcelino’s bodega, everyone begins to make comments about it. Jerry’s parents find out about the check and offer to send money.  Through the Foundation, George gets the opportunity to visit a women’s prison. He  meets a convict named Celia and decides to ask her out. He enjoys the liberation that dating a convict offers.  Kramer decides to purchase a pet hen for eggs, but inadvertently gets a rooster that he names “Little Jerry Seinfeld.” After observing Little Jerry fight off a dog, Kramer enters him into a cockfight, which he wins.  Elaine is dating a man named Kurt who shaved his head for swimming and kept it shaved. Upon seeing his driver’s license photo, she learns he once had a fine head of hair. She convinces him to start growing it back, but when he does, he shows signs of hair-loss.

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The Andrea Doria

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George is excited about the new apartment he is going to move into. Elaine is on a blind date. Jerry takes Kramer to his self-storage where they discover that Newman has been hiding bags of mail. George finds out he can’t get his apartment because the tenant association is going to give it to an SS Andrea Doria survivor. Elaine is told her date won’t be making it because he’s been stabbed. Kramer’s cold is getting bad and he’s not going to the doctor.  Jerry tries to get Newman to get rid of the mail; however, he’s not interested because he didn’t get the transfer to Hawaii.

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The Bizarro Jerry

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Elaine breaks up with her boyfriend Kevin , but they decide to “just be friends.” Much to Elaine’s surprise, Kevin is thrilled at the idea, and starts becoming a much more reliable friend than Jerry. Meanwhile, Kramer accidentally gets a job at a company called Brandt/Leland when he aids an employee in the hall and starts going to meetings. He soon finds out he fits right in and starts working there for no pay, stating his reason as doing it “just for me.” Jerry starts dating Jillian, an attractive woman whose only flaw is that she has “man hands.” George uses a picture of Jillian to get into the “forbidden city”, a club of attractive women and models, by saying that Jillian is his late fiancee Susan. Unfortunately, his luck ends when he accidentally burns the picture with a hair dryer.

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