I’m a huge Seinfeld fan who enjoys watching episodes of the classic show online. I don’t like to break the law or risk exposing my computer to viruses and I quickly learned that the only place to view full-episodes of Seinfeld online is at TBS.com. The videos stream quickly, there is only an occasional ad, and you can even watch the episodes full-screen. Unfortunately, TBS.com only provides you with access to 6 episodes at one time. That’s where Seinfeldlinks.com comes in.  I’ve been compiling links to all the episodes ever shown on TBS.com (TBS hasn’t broadcast all the episodes, yet). So far, I’ve compiled links to over 95 episodes, including some of the all-time classics. I’m hoping that fans around the world will use the site to comment on episodes, reminisce about the 1990’s, connect with other viewers and enjoy the gift that is Seinfeld. If you have any comments or questions I’d love hear them. Shoot me an email at [first name signed below] @seinfeldlinks.com.

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