Other Sites

Vandelay Industries: Episodes, interviews, quotes and more.

Stan the Caddy: One of the most active sites around. Forum, scripts, forum, glossary, quotes and more.

Seinaholic: Icons from the show, trivia, interesting facts and more.

Official Sony Pictures Site: Some good trivia, map of New York locations in Seinfeld, and more.

Kartelle Seinfeld Page: Picture Gallery and Forum

Wikipedia Entry: Need I say more?

Seinology: Forum, Seinfeld Survivor, Seinfeld Scripts, Lots of Pictures, Scripts from Fans, Great Site

Cosmo Kramer: A site dedicated to Kramer.

Seinfeld FAQ’s: Amazing site, answers to every possible question. Fabulous!

All 180 Scripts: The best site I have found for scripts.

Seinfeld Scripts: Another good scripts site.

Seinfoff: Photographs from the last days of Seinfeld.

Unofficial Seinfeld Encyclopedia: Great statistics and random information.

Seinfeld Screen Saver: Not sure if it works with Vista.

Seinfeld Dictionary: Definitions of words and phrases unique to Seinfeld.

Sweat the Small Stuff: Blog of comedian Kristen Carney aka “The Female Larry David”.