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The Wizard

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Jerry buys his dad a $200 Wizard organizer for a birthday present.  Jerry and George debate about the race of Elaine’s new boyfriend and that intrigues her - is he black?.  Kramer announces his retirement, a Hollywood big shot has optioned his coffee table book about coffee tables. Elaine finds evidence that leads her to believe her boyfriend is black. Susan’s parents see George on the street in the city, during the time he told them he would be at the Hampton’s so as to avoid a Foundation function.

Jerry is woken up early in the morning at his parents’ house and gives his father the Wizard, which apparently Jerry got from a deal at only $50. Morty is only impressed by it being a “tip calculator”, although Jerry claims it does other things. Later he discovers that Kramer has moved to Florida, to join the other retirees. Elaine laughs when Susan’s parents ask her about George’s house in the Hamptons, revealing the lies. Morty, who can’t run for president of the condo association because he was impeached from their previous condo, decides that Kramer should be elected condo board president of Del Boca Vista phase III, so Morty will run things from behind the scenes, like a “puppet regime”. Elaine schemes to try to determine her boyfriend’s race. As George finds out the Rosses knew that he lied, and they allowed him to continue lying, he keeps building on his lie and picks up the Rosses to take them to the Hamptons, to “see who’ll blink first”.

Kramer begins his campaign and the Boca Breeze has good things to say about him. When Elaine’s boyfriend says they are an interracial couple, she is convinced he is black. Kramer receives some bad press from the Boca Breeze; it’s damage control time. Kramer suggests buying each member of the board one of those Wizard “tip calculators”. Jerry knows he can’t get the deal he told his father he’d received, but Kramer says not to worry, Bob Sacamano’s father lives down there and can help them out. Elaine discovers her boyfriend is not black, and that he referred to them as an interracial couple because he thought she was Hispanic. Sacamano’s father comes through with knock-off “tip calculators” called “the Willard”, which are defective, costing Morty and Kramer the election. George and the Rosses reach the Hamptons, where he blinks first and the truth is revealed. The Rosses confirm that they dislike George, and blame him for Susan’s death.

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