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The Summer of George

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George discovers he has a severance package from the New York Yankees that should last him about 3 months. He decides that he is going to take the summer off, which he declares the “Summer of George.” Jerry and Kramer are going to the Tony Awards. Jerry has a real seat; Kramer is a seat-filler. Elaine critiques a co-worker who walks with no arm movements and is accused of being “catty.” Jerry picks up his date to the Tonys, a waitress named Lanette, only to find out that she has a man (or rather, a “dude”) living with her. While filling a seat for a nominee who has stepped away, Kramer is accidentally whisked to the stage by excited Tony winners moving through his row. As a result, he receives a Tony Award for a musical in which Raquel Welch is the star. Elaine tries to work things out with her co-worker, to no avail.

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