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The Trip, Part 2

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Kramer is arrested when he is mistaken for “The Smog Strangler,” a serial killer roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Jerry and George contact the police to vouch for their friend. Two policemen in a police cruiser come to pick them up and take them back to the station. On their way, the officers see a man trying to break into a car. They arrest him and put him in the back with Jerry and George.

Kramer is taken to the police station and is interrogated by the lieutenant. He has a nervous breakdown in the interrogation room and is reduced to hysterical sobbing, making it seem like he did the stranglings. While he is being questioned, the lieutenant receives a phone call stating that the Smog Strangler has killed another victim, and so Kramer is allowed to leave. After Kramer is exonerated, Jerry and George decide to return to New York, and Kramer eventually follows them.

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The Trip, Part 1

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Jerry is offered two free tickets to Hollywood to appear on The Tonight Show. He offers one to George and they decide that while they are in Los Angeles they will track down Kramer, who is in LA to become an actor. A dead body turns up in another part of LA and Kramer’s script he had given to the woman is found on her person. George thinks end ups annoying guests on The Tonight Show.  Jerry can’t remember the wording for a joke and blames the hotel maid, Lupe, who threw it away while cleaning the room. As Jerry and George leave the Tonight Show, they see Kramer’s picture on the news. He is the main suspect for the “Smog Strangler”.

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