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The Switch

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After playing tennis Elaine is recognized by Mrs. Landis, a former potential employer from Doubleday. Elaine lends Mr. Pitt’s tennis racket, a Bruline, to her in hopes of getting a new job. Meanwhile, Jerry is dating Sandy, a “non-laugher”. George is dating Nina, a model who eats a lot and who Kramer thinks may be bulimic.  George has dinner with Nina; she feasts on the food and then goes to the bathroom to “freshen” herself. Jerry has dinner with Sandy; he keeps making funny remarks but she doesn’t laugh, she just says “that’s funny”.  George wants a matron to spy on Nina to verify if she intentionally throws up. Kramer’s mother, Babs, happens to be a matron, but Kramer doesn’t want anything to do with her.

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