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The Burning

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Elaine thinks that boyfriend David Puddy may be religious after finding Christian stations set on his rental car radio. At the coffee shop, George laments to Jerry about losing respect at a project meeting led by Mr. Kruger after following a good suggestion with a lame joke. Jerry suggests that George use the Vegas showmanship trick of “walking off” after a high note. Elaine tells George and Jerry about her suspicions with Puddy. George tells her to alter his radio presets as a test. Kramer and Mickey Abbott get an acting gig playing sick for some medical students. Jerry’s girlfriend Sophie calls him with the “it’s me” greeting, but he does not recognize her voice. At the next Kruger meeting, George takes Jerry’s suggestion and actually leaves the room after a well-received joke. For their acting job, Mickey and Kramer are assigned bacterial meningitis and gonorrhea, respectively. Elaine confirms that Puddy is religious. Kramer picks up on the showmanship idea and gives an impressive theatrical performance of gonorrhea for the med students. When Sophie uses the unwelcome “it’s me” greeting on Jerry’s answering machine, George suggests he return the favor when he calls back. Sophie does not recognize Jerry’s voice. Thinking that Jerry is a friend named “Ralph” (using the traditional British pronunciation “Rafe”), she reveals that she has not told Jerry about an incident she calls the “tractor story.” Puddy confirms that he is religious and is not concerned that Elaine is not, because he is “not the one going to Hell.”

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