Season 4

Below are all of the episodes available from Season 4

The Shoes

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Jerry and George struggle to keep NBC still interested in their show. Elaine is coming down with the flu and also is wearing a pair of shoes from Botticelli.  They go to Dalrymple’s place, and George stares at his 15 year-old daughter’s cleavage. Russell catches George, is of course mad at the disrespectful leering, and sends them off without any input.

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The Cheever Letters

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George is to meet Susan’s parents and is not looking forward to telling her father that his cabin had been burned down Jerry suggests that the Rosses are likely to see the irony of the situation.  The two of them try to settle down to get some work on their pilot script done. They struggle to get some work done, and Jerry decides to phone Elaine. Kramer heads to the Cuban Diplomatic Mission at the United Nations to get hold of some cigars and meets three Cuban diplomats who, although they have some, tell him that they are illegal in the United States.

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